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Hello my fabulous flappers! It’s been a whirlwind of excitement here as Canary Club begins it’s journey into the world.

Releasing a book is a great deal like having a baby. You plan for months and months, full of hope and excitement, and when the big day comes, its all frayed nerves and sleepless nights, lol. It can take up to a year to release a book, and while that seems like a long time, I assure you, it feels longer for the authors. While you are patiently waiting, we are editing, marketing, editing some more, doing pre-launch media events, and generally prepping for our book to debut into the world. It’s a hulluva process, but what it really means is the media machine working for Canary is about to go into drive, so you will be seeing lots more news and general rumblings about it in the coming months.

As for me, I’m jumping on a plane to NYC on May 31st for a big ARC (that is Advance Review Copy) signing at Book Expo America. My book is going to have a big roll out at the event, which is a first for me. It will be in the Publisher’s Weekly BEA edition mag, on the show floor, and there will even be copies in the ABA member’s only lounge, which is all so exciting!

A few weeks later, I’m off to the Mile High City for Denver Comic Con to do more signings and more promotions. There are a handful of events that will carry me from that into release week, and as much as I love traveling and meeting fans, it can be a bit overwhelming too. Not that I’m complaining, I literally have the best job on the planet and I know it. I’m just still in this weird head-space where I’m hoping that everyone loves the book as much as I do. Until those first early reviews start coming in, it’s just me, biting my nails, waiting to see if people think my book baby is a beautiful addition or some sort of swamp troll. So far, the reviews on the Canary Club Novelettes have been really positive, so I’m clinging to hope.

So for now, I’m just in my office, doing interviews and blog posts and trying not to melt into a puddle of pre-release anxiety. If you should happen to see me between now and then, stop and give me a hug. Trust me, I need it.



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